Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan – a much needed car for India

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell sedan – a much needed car for India

Keeping in line with the global pollution scenario, India is also struck with increasing pollution levels and the hazards related to it. Like most of the developed countries, the developing country of India also has its city streets flooded with cars and a resultant poisonous air to breathe. However, while in the developed nations the CO2 emission regulations are very stringent and environment friendly cars are a common sight, India is still in its budding stage when it comes to pollution control norms and the proper execution of the same. Nevertheless, anti-pollution rules along with eco-friendly cars are all slowly making their way to India as well. In such a time, when hybrid cars are picking up in popularity in India, one can certainly hope that one day down the line the Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) will also make it to India.

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Japanese car behemoth Toyota, which is also the hydrogen car pioneer, took the opportunity of the 2016 Auto Expo to showcase its fully green, Hydrogen powered fuel cell car, Mirai in India.

The Toyota Mirai which is already on sale in the international market is no less than a wonder and a sort of life saver consideration the grievous pollution scenario around the world. This futuristic and fascinating looking sedan model gets powered by compressed hydrogen gas and produces electricity to drive it by combining the hydrogen with the naturally found oxygen in the air. The result is a quite smooth and fully green drive experience, while its emission is only pure water vapor, nothing else.

The Toyota Mirai packs in a synchronous AC motor which generates an impressive 152 hp of peak power and a hammering top torque of 335 Nm.

The car can store 122.4 liters of hydrogen and has the ability to reach the speed level of 100 km per hour from standstill in less than 9 seconds. This makes the Mirai much more powerful and convenient than fully green electric vehicles that need charging, have range and power restrictions, while Mirai is also much better than the powerful and sophisticated hybrids as it does not use a single drop of fossil fuel and is completely emission free.

The Toyota Mirai also does not compromise on looks and comes with a very unique and futuristic design with a quirky front bumper designed that draws inspiration from the shape of a water droplet. It is a pretty large premium sedan model offering all the comfort and conveniences that can be expected in any conventional high quality premium sedan. The overall styling of the Mirai is highly contemporary and distinctive making it stand out as a special vehicle that it is from all the aspects.

Although Toyota Kirloskar Motor India brought the Mirai at the Auto Expo 2016 solely as a display model and has no plans to launch it in near future; the Mirai would bring a true mobility revolution in India if and when it comes to our country.

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