The exhilarating 2016 Deccan Rally ride from Pune to Goa

The exhilarating 2016 Deccan Rally ride from Pune to Goa

The Maruti Suzuki TSD Rally challenge is among the most competitive and strenuous racing challenges, and the 2016 Deccan Rally competition has concluded from Pune to Goa. How amazing is it to just experience the Deccan Rally ride through pristine terrains? and also just enjoy the thrill of motor racing. The ride from Pune to Goa was a long stretch of 750 km.

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The second segment of the 2016 National Super League Rally Championship was a two leg rally event from Pune to Goa and the participants took the Guhagar route. The entire event was thrilling where contenders got to witness serene atmospheres, they got an opportunity to relax at the luxurious and calm Mango resort after the first day of riding and they later on travelled to Goa via the Ganpatiphule road.

On the first day participants woke up during the wee hours of the morning at 6:30 am and started from Hiniewadi and then travelled along Tamhini Ghat lane and then headed to Guhagar. They then did a track event at the serene Mango resort.

The ride from Pune to Goa was extremely challenging and exciting as well for ardent motor racing enthusiasts. It was an off-road track, where racers had to do tedious tactics like a tight corner reverse across narrow road stretch, and the first participant to reach the finish line completed the event in less than three hours and thirty minutes. The first spot was attained by Karthick Maruti, Second- Sachin Singh and Third-Sandeep Dodhiwala.

The women’s team has eleven participants, and the winner was Sheena Sabharwal and Prathibha Anand who won the trophy and winner who conquers the final event of the six rally series will take home an amazing gift, which is the stunning Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

The 2016 Maruti Suzuki National Super League TSD Rally Championship has six rallies comprising of Arunachal Rally, Gujarat Rally, Mughal Rally, Backwaters Rally, Deccan Rally and Uttarakhand Rally.

The TSD Rally Championship is a unique event, and the Deccan Rally ride from Pune to Goa seemed to be loads of fun and highly competitive at the same time. It is awesome indeed to get a chance to drive through unexplored terrains of Pune to Goa and participants can have a wonderful time as well as explore all the possible racing talent instilled in them.

Maruti Suzuki has for years introduced so much of power and style in its vehicles across various segments and there is no better feeling than to participate in the highly prestigious TSD Rally Championship and for those who are really keen on participating in the drive, can do so just to have fun and showcase the enormous hidden motor racing talent.

We all enjoy cruising on a safe and calm road riding at high speed, and you can enjoy the same level of thrill in the Maruti Suzuki TSD Rally Championship and this time you can cruise a longer distance and soak in greater fun moments. So if you are interested in participating in the TSD Rally Championship, it is an excellent opportunity to full-fill your dream to become a skilled motor racer.

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