Tata Zest changes its diesel lineup to increase sales after two years of observation

Tata Zest changes its diesel lineup to increase sales after two years of observation

First launched in August 2014, The Tata Zest will now come with new engine options. Initially the lineup included three variants. One was a 90PS petrol unit, and there were two diesel units that gave 75PS and 90PS tuning options.


The petrol variant of the Zest is powered by a 1200cc Revotron unit that is tuned to produce 90PS and 140Nm. The diesel variant gets a Fiat sourced 1300cc QuadraJet unit. The petrol engine is mated to a 5-speed MT while the diesel variant gets to choose between 5-speed MT and AMT.

The petrol variant had four different versions, namely, the XE, XM, an XMS, and an XT. The diesel variant had six versions in total. They include the versions the petrol variant had, and an XMA and XTA version. The Indian market is finally getting its hands on the different versions for the 75PS variant. Till date, only the base version was available for the 75PS variant. Now it gets the XM and the XMS.

The 75PS diesel unit offers a torque of 190Nm. The diesel variants proved to sell better than the petrol units in the case of the Zest. Also, the base 75PS variant sold more than the 90PS version because of the huge price difference that the Indian market is not used to getting from Tata Motors. Therefore, Tata decided to increase the choice on the smaller diesel variant. The sales are expected to increase by a considerable margin after the inclusion of XM and XMS versions in the 75PS diesel variant.

During launch, the 75PS version was available in the XE version only. The 90PS diesel variant was available in all 6 versions. The 75PS variant is now available in three of these six versions. The 90PS version has not stopped being available in the XM and XMS versions. To compensate for that, the top trim XT and XTA versions get new alloy wheels. The revised lineup has the diesel variants of the car ranging from INR 6.08 lac to INR 8.51 lac.

To sum it up, the Zest lineup started with 11 total variants including 4 petrol variants, 1 base trim diesel variant, and 6 larger diesel variants. Now, the Zest lineup comprises the same number of variants. The petrol lineup remains the same. But the diesel lineup has two increased versions for the base diesel variant, and the same two versions stopped on the higher spec diesel variant. This makes 3 versions for the 75PS diesel variant, and 4 versions for the 90PS diesel variant.

The price range of the new lineup including both, the petrol and diesel variants is from INR 5.31 lac to INR 8.88 lac. The price difference is not only subject to the difference in the engines, but also to the exterior paint. Tata has put an additional INR 3,000 price for the white external paint option for some of the versions.

Tata Motors expects the sales of the sub-4 meter compact sedan to increase after this change in the lineup.

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