Tata Nexon rescheduled, Hexa crossover and Kite 5 sedan launching on time

Tata Nexon rescheduled, Hexa crossover and Kite 5 sedan launching on time

The Tata Kite 5 is scheduled for a market launch in India by the end of the festive season this year, that is, sometime in November. The Tata Nexon too was initially scheduled for a 2016 festive season launch, but it has been postponed to May 2017 due to the engine alteration obstacle.

Currently, Tata Motors is working on the Hexa, which is the next big launch from the Companaged to not have to reschedule the Hexa deliveries so far. However, due to the delays the production phase is facing, caused by the Supreme Court ban on 2.0 liter and larger diesel engines, the Nexon launch has been postponed by over 6 months.

The Tata Aria successor will go on sale this June, so there is just about a little more than a month for this much-awaited crossover to hit the market. Power-packed with impressive features and performance specs, the Hexa brings a lot of hope for Tata Motors. The Company will therefore, not risk any confusion regarding the launch of this model. The Hexa will launch when it was promised, and all other Tata models will take a backseat at the moment. Out of these it is the Nexon that will suffer the hardest, because it was immediately after the Hexa in line. However, the Kite 5 sedan will be given the second priority after the Hexa.

Tata Motors could be losing a lot due to the delay because the potential customer base could get impatient by then and opt for equally deserving rivals in the segment, like the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, or the Hyundai Creta. Therefore, the Company is taking that risk with the Nexon, but not with its trump card of the year, the Hexa.

The Kite 5 sedan will get precedence over the Nexon, and launch during the festive season itself. There is no issue of engine alteration here. The Tiago based car will be an entry level number from the Company, in the sub 4 meter sedan segment.

The Kite 5, as we all know is just the codename from Tata’s current bird codenames lineup. However, the market name of the car could be Tata Dribble, or Tata Canvas, or Tata Ingrid, but we need not brood over the name that much because it could even be none of the above. What we do know is, Tata Motors has not retained any of the bird names past the codename stage.

The sedan will have a new designed bumper for the back profile, there will be a boot lid and new tail lights. The sub 4 meter sedan will be only as small as it requires to be in order to fit into the said segment. It will measure just 5mm shorter than 4m. There will be 15-inch alloys, 35 liter fuel tank, and 2.4m of wheelbase. The car will basically be the sedan version of the Tiago, and may also be called the Tiago sedan, but maybe it won’t be that predictable. You can expect the car to hit the market by this November, at a price range of INR 3.5 lac to INR 5.5 lac.

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