Tata Manza Range Extender Hybrid sedan in the works

Tata Manza Range Extender Hybrid sedan in the works

Tata Motors is working on a hybrid version of the Tata Manza Range Extender. Tata Motors is developing the new car with a range extender, which means that it will be having a small petrol or diesel fuelled engine that will be used to generate electricity for the battery of the car. There is no official word whether this range uses the petrol based engine or a diesel based engine at the moment. The company has also not disclosed a particular timeline for the launch of such car. But, we do know that a hybrid model of the Tata Manza is surely in the works.


Due to limitations in the technology of the batteries, we don’t see much hybrids around. Adding batteries to the cars is not a good business option for the manufacturers because the batteries are heavy as well as very costly. However, range extender technology is a much better option. Using this technology, manufacturers can put smaller size batteries under the hood in the car and which can be easily charged in two ways. They can either charge it using home supply charging or by the small diesel or petrol engine in the car. The small petrol or diesel engine in the range extender technology is good for long drives on highways, since the cars can be easily charged.

In addition to Tata Motors, more car manufacturers are also planning to use a range extender to convert their existing models into an electric hybrid. However, there are still some chances in the battery technology to change over the course of the years, so we might find something else in the cars in near future.

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