Spy images of new Honda CR-V have emerged

Spy images of new Honda CR-V have emerged

Images of new Honda CR-V SUV n structure of the exterior draws inspiration from the tenth-gen Honda Civic platform. The spy images were captured by car enthusiasts in US, and the features that were sighted were lights and production body. For years Honda has created enormous luxury with CR-V and now spy images of the 5th generation car is on the loose.


It is an exciting moment indeed to catch a glimpse of new CR-V test mule, the design architecture of the front has similar cues to tenth gen Honda Civic and current CR-V. The classiness of the front portion of the car is characterized by the presence of an artistically styled trapezoidal grille with LED. There are no distinct changes on the side profile, and looks similar to present CR-V. Move to the rear and there are distinguishable changes, with new trendy L-shaped tail lights that resemble Acura SUV-X concept and new Civic. The design of bumper is more defined, it looks classier and sturdier.

Honda has not yet mentioned details about t yet mentioned details about the engine features of new CR-V, sources say it might have the same engine as the one fitted into Civic which might be a powerful 1.5 turbo VTEC petrol and 2 liter VTEC engine. There are also reports that the company might insert powerful 1.8 liter and 1.6-liter diesel engines and the possible transmission options are six speed manual or CVT gearbox.

CR-V is a compact SUV that is popular worldwide, and now there is a fifth generation car to look forward to. How amazing does it sound? The new CR-V will flaunt a superior style statement. Let us now get a glimpse of the key features of new CR-V that is different from its predecessor.

The design architecture of fifth gen CR-V is inspired from tenth gen Civic, the fifth gen car will have more of a curvy design than boxy design. On the front is re-structured grille on which is a dense chrome slat material. The LED headlights look amazingly swanky creating a stunning ultra-modern effect. The car also has a revamped front bumper, and re-designed honey comb grille, air dam and fog lights. The side view of the vehicle looks contemporary as well, it has several more neatly cut and smooth body lines and the design of outer rear view mirrors is slimmer.

There are changes on the rear segment of new CR-V, the design of tailgate is new molded into a neat L shaped structure. There are new reflectors on rear bumper and classy silver body cladding, detailed information on engine features is not yet revealed, but sources say the car will have diesel and petrol engines and there is also a possibility of a hybrid engine.

The new Honda CR-V is a great way to enjoy new CR-V luxury in grander style, it will launch in a swankier form than before. There are so many new design elements in the front, side and rear view. Let us wait for some more interesting details and get even more excited.

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