Skoda Superb to come up with TVC feature in June, 2015

At an event in Prague, the Skoda has revealed its upcoming model 2015 Skoda Superb. The model was revealed in the earlier February. The new Skoda Superb is going to be revealed with its TVC feature in the month of June (2015). The new Skoda Superb was noticed in a hilly road while driving.


The third generation Skoda Superb is followed by the design that was shown in the Concept Vision C. The exterior have traces of the Skoda model but still variations are noted in the new Superb. The wheelbase is 80mm longer compared to its previous iteration. The space available at the back side of the car is praiseworthy and consists a boot space of 625 litres. Thus in comparison to its iteration, the capacity of the boot space is also increased by 80 litres.

The Skoda Superb support features like Рadvanced enhancement and connectivity. The users can connect their smartphone or tablet to control the current infotainment functions as the new Skoda Superb comes with Skoda Media Command App. The new Skoda generates a power between 88 and 206 kW, and  ingests a 3.8 to 7.1 litres per 100km. The four engines with wheel drive based features a Haldex 5 Clutch. The engines comes with modern DSG dual-clutch transmission.

The model will be launched in India by the end of this year and the model will be brought in India by the CKD Route. There may be slight fluctuation in the price as compared to the previous one.

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