Renault-Nissan together to form common engine platform

Two major automobile companies of France and Japan, Renault and Nissan is going to form a common engine platform, which can be used both for petrol and diesel. The common engine platform hasn’t yet developed, it is at an advanced stage, helping de-risk itself from the alteration of market when Indian consumers confuse with between petrol and diesel fuelled cars and save cost.

It’s been reported that a small 1-litre modular engine platform has already been outsourced to Hinduja Technologies where Nissan has 38 percent shares. This would be a maiden MNC to outsource a significant engine development project to an Indian engineering company.

Nissan Motor India though didn’t confirm or deny the development. According to the company’s spokesperson, the company is renowned for its innovation in engineering and technology. One of the important objectives of the company is to democratise automobile technology so the consumers can take Nissan’s engineered products. The company has confirmed that it will continue to democratise automobile technology to help domestic clients.

The basic development will be done by Hiduja Technologies, with some parts suggested by Renault-Nissan previous engine platform. It is also advantageous for the Indian clients because of its low cost and cut the lead time to the market.

This innovative engine platform can develop both petrol and diesel engines with 40-50% common parts. It will help the company to cater to clients based on the demand, also get the benefits of scale.

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