Renault Kwid Turning out to be a Game Changer for the French Car-Makers

Renault Kwid Turning out to be a Game Changer for the French Car-Makers

Renault Kwid is doing great in term been successful in selling 5,195 units in October, 2015. The hatchback which is seen as a game changer for Renault in the hatchback market had amassed over 50,000 bookings since it was launched in the month of September this year. It’s no surprise that Renault Kwid has caught the attention of everybody in the Indian hatchback market. One of the facts that prove the growing incline of the Indian buyers towards this car is the waiting period in some cities that has already shot up to 6 months.


There is no doubt that Renault has been able to nail this one right on the money of the Indian budget-car buyer. Kwid is going to compete in the hatchback segment where the Maruti’s and the Hyundai’s already have a strong presence. But, the fact that Renault Kwid’s makers have done their homework well by understanding the requirements of the budget-car buyers would play a significant role in attracting more and more buyers.

The idea of having SUV type looks and satellite navigation system in the entry level hatchback is itself a revolutionary one. As far as the engine power is concerned it comes with an 800 cc petrol unit and has a regular 5 speed manual gearbox capable of offering an output of 54bhp and 72Nm. One of the most highlighted features of this hatchback is that it is capable of giving a mileage of a whooping 25.17 km/liter. This has made this car essentially the most petrol efficient car in India. Now, this looks like something that would change the game for Renault in the hatchback segment.

The French car maker has also made sure that customer has a lot to look forward to after purchasing the car. In their post-sales package Renault has made sure that the user gets a 50,000 Km/2 years maintenance policy which can be well extended to 80,000 Km/4 years. Not only has this they would also provide free road side service for a 2 year period post sales.

Now, with all this being offered in an entry level hatchback series one must be surely thinking what could possibly be the price of this car. Well, it would come as a surprise to most of the buyers that the price is as competent as any other hatchback available in the market with the ex-showroom Delhi price being 2.56 lakh – 3.53 lakh.

Renault Kwid is definitely one hatchback that buyers are going to look forward to in the months to come. Renauo in the months to come. Renault has done fairly well in the SUV market, but it yet has to prove its presence in the hatchback market. The all new Kwid still has to go a long way and compete with brands such as Maruti Suzuki Alto and Hyundai Eon which have also done pretty good in terms of its units sold in the October, 2015.


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