Preview Of The Much Awaited BMW 7 Series

Preview Of The Much Awaited BMW 7 Series

There were several spy shots, hot news and scoops being released over the internet on the BMW 7 series face lifted car prior to its official revelation sometime in May this year. Now, there are rumors spreading like wild fire all across the Indian car market that the faclifted version of BMW 7 series is going to very soon hit the Indian shores. Everyone who is in the auto sector is waiting to see this car hit Indian and are looking forward to knowing how this car would perform in the Indian market. But, if the BMW 3 series sales are to be taken into account, we can very well expect some excellent sales for the 7 series version too. Now that the 7 series is more than likely to soon come to India, let us see what this car has to offer us.

There are a few minor changes that are made on the outside of the car in order to make it easily identifiable that it is a 7 series car that we have known from earlier. There has been a reasonable reduction in the number of slats of the radiator grillwork apart from the good addition of chrome plate ornamentation here and there that really puts the car in a separate luxury league of its own. Also, with the addition of the LED headlights in the premium models you will be able to clearly see the corners even at night time. BMW is pretty aware that it has stiff competition from the likes of Audi and Mercedes Benz in India and hence is trying to make the outside of the car as attractive as possible in order to woo the luxury Indian car buyers.

There have been quite a few changes that have been taken up as far as the engine is concerned in the faclifted version of BMW 7 series car. One of the prominent changes that you see in its new version of BMW 7 series that was not part of the earlier version is the 8 speed automatic gearbox which now becomes a standard set up as far as the 7 series cars are concerned. You will have the option of choosing a variety of engines to go with the 8 speed automatic gear system of BMW 7 series car. A 6.0-litre V12, 3.0 Litre V6 and 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 are the petrol engines that are fitted to the body of BMW 7 series car. The engine that is seen in the BMW 750d is the 375 bhp 3.0 litre tri turbo diesel engine which is quite powerful and would give both the driver and the rider excellent and comfortable ride. You will be able to enjoy leather rich plush interiors as well in the new version of the BMW 7 series car.

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