Nissan developing the Intelligent Drive for release before 2020

Nissan developing the Intelligent Drive for release before 2020

The Nissan Intelligent Drive is being tested on various highways and through the cities of Japan. Nissan is planning to come up with an auto-pilot drive by the end of next year. The test phase of the prototype has already begun and the Piloted Drive 1.0, as it is being called during the development and test phase, is likely to offer successful auto-pilot drive even in heavy traffic.

Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive prototype vehicle

Nissan is also planning for a multiple lane Piloted Drive system for 2018, which will enable lane changes on the highway without manual assistance. The new technology will be launched in the market by 2020 if all goes well. With these two goals achieved, Nissan will easily set a milestone for itself and all global brands in the autonomous vehicle drive segment.

The car that is being tested at present in Japan is based on Nissan’s Leaf electric car prototype that has been mated with a cluster of on-board equipment system including laser scanners, multidirectional cameras and millimeter wave radar. The prototype will also get an advanced computer chipset and a Human Machine Interface that will work along with the rest of the equipment set to offer a fully functional autonomous drive system. The Human Machine Interference portion incorporates Piloted Drive Commander, a Heads-up display system, and a Center Cluster with a Meter Cluster. All these aide in their specific areas to come up with the overall Nissan Piloted Drive.

As of now Nissan is working on the full ability of the car to perform autonomously on highways and city roads with ensured safety. This has led to the development of an advanced laser scanner device that will be used onboard in the form of a small unit that can determine the distance between the car and nearby objects and detect the type and status of motion of the objects. For this the car will use three dimensional measurements and allow the car to navigate through narrow spaces, thereby making the car fit for auto-pilot mode even through heavy traffic.

The laser system is helped by the 8 way camera system which includes cameras that can turn 360° for all-round object detection. The camera system also helps determine the best possible solution for a heavy traffic and intersections. These technologies help the car enable a smooth drive through that would seem like a professional driver controlling the vehicle through streets known like the back of the hand.

Nissan’s aim of a future with zero emissions and zero vehicle accidents will take a step further with the success of the Piloted Drive technology. The Intelligent Driving Sedan concept, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show recently, incorporates both these goals. The concept is claimed to tackle human error, which is the leading cause of accidents. 90 percent of car accidents can be curbed with the technology that can offer error-free driving with the human error detection and prevention technology. The car will battle other autonomous drive models from Tesla, BMW, General Motors and Toyota by the year 2020.

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