Nissan bringing Evalia facelift at the 2014 Auto Expo

Nissan bringing Evalia facelift at the 2014 Auto Expo

Nissan had modified the Evalia just 4 months back in October 2013. At that time the car received features like sliding windows on the rear, captain seats etc. Now the company will be loading the Evalia with more features to make it even better. The car will be displayed at the Auto Expo 2014 and will carry features like a new grille and AC units for the rear seats and few others.


The company is desperately trying to create a market for Evalia which even after 14 months of launch has not been able to lure customers. The company has sold only 1200 units of Evalia so far. The President of Nissan India, Kenichi Yomura, has said that the company will not blame the customers instead they will try to make the Evalia more convincing.

The company has said that after adding new features to Evalia, its sales figures have improved significantly in December 2013 and are expected to get even better in January. The problem with Evalia is that it has to fight a very successful car to bag some customers. The current best seller in this segment is the Innova which also faced a difficult start. Innova had replaced Qualis and it the company quite some time to lure the customers. Now Evalia has to lure the customers who are already in a loyal zone with Innova. The marketing team for Evalia will have to work real hard to convince the customers.

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