Next generation Honda Brio will be a global car

Next generation Honda Brio will be a global car

It is already known that Honda Cars India, the fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese auto giant Honda Motor, is all braced up to launch many new car models in India. This new car launch plan of the company has already begun with the newly launched Honda BR-V compact SUV model. The other new models that are coming our way over the next couple of years’ time from the house of Honda are the new Accord, new generation Civic, next generation Amaze and the all new Brio.


The next generation Honda Brio is certainly an important launch for Honda India, as the entry-level small hatchback model has been an important product for the company in the popular compact hatchback segment of India, while the Brio’s platform is a highly versatile one which has been used for the Amaze, Mobilio and the new BR-V as well. With growing competition, the current generation Brio has lost the unique edge that it once had in the Indian market and it has also reached the time for its full overhaul. So, the company is busy working on the all new Honda Brio in order to have a better market presence.

In a recent interview with an automotive journal, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Cars India, has revealed that the next generation model of the Honda Brio entry-level hatchback will be a global car model and not an exclusive India specific model. It is a global model and not exclusively for India. The Japanese company’s R&D center is developing some new platforms as well which will be shared with India. The new platform is being developed primarily in Thailand but in collaboration with India and Japan.

At present, Honda is busy developing an entirely new platform for the next generation Honda Brio that will also form the basis of the next generation Amaze compact sedan. As per the latest reports, the next gen Honda Brio that is codenamed as the 2UA is expected to hit the production line in India by the month of February in 2018, while the next-gen Honda Amaze that is codenamed as the 2UB is likely enter production in the month of June in same year.

As the developments of the car are in the initial stages right now, details are really scarce on both the next-gen Brio and the next-gen Amaze. However, as it has come to light that Honda India will also have its hand in the development of these cars, they are expected to be highly suitable for the Indian market. Reportedly, vehicle safety will be top priority in the development of these cars owing to the stricter mandatory safety rules which will come into effect by 2020.

The current generation Honda Brio is only being offered in South East Asia and South Africa which get exported from India as well as Thailand. Expectedly, the next-gen Brio would be high on looks, quality and safety in order to make for a high standard global model which would also boost its esteem in India.

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