Mercedes-Benz India to use Bio-diesel to power its vehicles

Mercedes-Benz India to use Bio-diesel to power its vehicles

When the Sudecision of an interim ban on all diesel vehicles that come powered by large capacity diesel engines of 2 liter and above in the NCR, the two most hard hit car makers operating in India were Mahindra & Mahindra and Mercedes-Benz. While India’s own leading utility vehicle maker Mahindra quickly set to work on a workaround, the German luxury car giant couldn’t stop expressing its displeasure over this decision of the apex court. Most of Mercedes-Benz’s car models in India come powered by powerful and large diesel engines, which made the company’s life difficult in India.

Mercedes-Benz had earlier voiced its displeasure over the ban saying that it would stop expanding in India, but now it seems that the German auto behemoth has no such actual plans considering the high potential of the Indian car market and the company’s current leading position in this country’s luxury car market. It is also already known that Mercedes-Benz does have a pretty long list of new launches for this year similar to last year. But how is Mercedes-Benz going to go ahead with all its large diesel car models without operating in the very important Delhi NCR? Well, it seems that the German company has found out a workaround.

Mercedes-Benz has proposed to power its vehicles with bio-diesel to ensure that they are greener. As per the reports, Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport and Highways Minister has said that he has received a letter from Mercedes-Benz in which the company has said that it can use 100 percent bio-diesel to power their car models as well as trucks.

Gadkari further said that Mercedes-Benz India’s chief had personally met him to discuss about the matter and had said that the bio-diesel standards which the Indian government have set, Mercedes-Benz can follow that and power its vehicles with bio-diesel.

The minister has also said that other auto majors operating in India such as JCB and others have revealed their willingness to power their products with bio-diesel, ethanol and similar other alternative fuel options. If this really happens and many auto majors actually use bio-diesel to power their vehicles, it would really help in minimizing the dreaded pollution levels in a huge way.

Several auto majors including Mercedes-Benz, Mahindra & Mahindra, Toyota and General Motors are yet to get any relief from the Supreme Court decision on the temporary diesel ban, as the diesel vehicle ban did get extended till 30th of April from 31st of March, like the auto makers had previously feared. March 31.

Gadkari has also said that his ministry has taken the initiative to promote the uhe initiative to promote the usage of bio-fuel and this alternative fuel will also be encouraged to be used in other machinery and equipments.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz India’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Roland Folger has said that India is a precursor among the company’s assembly facilities in the world, which points out that this country is very important for the company’s business. Thus, it is expected that Mercedes-Benz is soon going to start the usage of bio-diesel in order to operate smoothly in India.

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