Manufacturers offer customization facility for mass models in India

Manufacturers offer customization facility for mass models in India

Cars are not just utility vehicle but reflections of people personalities. People, who own luxury and super luxury cars, have their own style statements, and cars can give a new dimension of their personalities. So, why not mass models cars have their way to reflect owners’ personalities? As the Indian market is evolving, and the competition is getting stiffer than never before, mass model carmakers are now coming up with a new option: personalization and accessory options to entry-level cars.

This is inaugurated by the US carmaker Ford, who has started personalization of cars near its factory in Chennai. Presently, the company provides personalization choices for the Ford EcoSport. The alloy pack and rearspoiler for trims in the Ambiente and Trend models, and LED scuff plate and roof cross-bar for the Titanium and Titanium (O) trims. These are all done in the personalization facility in the factory, saving time for buyers to additional customization and modifications. Customization facility is available for buyers based on value, style, safety and performance.

The company thinks that India is a rapidly emerging market for four-wheelers and here style-driven is more prominent than value-driven. The concept of customization got good response in the US and Europe market, and they want to apply in Indian market as well.

Ford is going to launch new hatchbacks and sub-4 meter sedan in 2015. Other companies like Tata Motors and Hyundai also come with personalization concept for cars.

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