Jaguar XJ 2.0 Petrol Coming to India

Jaguar XJ 2.0 Petrol Coming to India

A car having downsized engine has two plus points. Firstly, it helps to check fuel emission and secondly it brings improvement in fuel economy. Therefore, Jaguar followed the same strategy too. It introduced a Ford EcoBoost segment of 2.0L engine in the XJ. But this is available only in international markets. With the successful launch of the F-Type, Jaguar is planning for the new 2.0L petrol XJ in India.


The new Jaguar XJ will be the smallest car in this segment in India. This car will be in the bottom range of Jaguar XJ series with its humble price of Rs. 1.16 crore. When compared with V6, this car can save about 14 lakh with almost similar features powering 3.0-L engine. The booking for this car started a week back and delivery is scheduled to be start from September. It will have a direct injected power supply of 237bhp turbo-charged unit.

This XJ will exhibit the same luxury and features as the higher variants of XJ. This includes certain striking features like the plus ‘Illumination Pack’ trim, wonderfully carved cabin and same interior decors. The XJ series was always priced higher than Audi A8, Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7-series.

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