India manufactured i20 N-sport moves with an incredible acceleration power

India manufactured i20 N-sport moves with an incredible acceleration power

The quality of Hyundai hatchbacks in India is top-class, right from the very first Santro, to i10, i20, Elite i20, Eon and Hyundai i10 Grand. Now the latest India manufactured hatchback craze the Hyundai i20 N-sport and it is an exclusive car, and perfect to drive on smooth roads with little traffic. It moves with an incredible acceleration power of 0 to 100 km/h in only 8.9 seconds.

Hyundai i20 N-Sport

The i20 N-sport is a special car, and looks stylish to the core, and it is among the kingliest hatchbacks to own. The most important aspect about the car to take note of is the sporty exterior, and this looks sportier and grander than other sporty and grand hatchbacks. It supreme sporty characteristic of the vehicle is defined by the pristine graphite finish, trendy 17-inch alloy wheels, and stunning sport body kit that comprises of rear spoiler, rear bumper lip and side skirts. The other interesting features are stainless steel, N-badges on rear hatchback door and front fender and glossy stainless steel free flow cat-back exhaust system.

There are so many interesting features on i20 N-sport to create a supreme sporty effect, and the main sporty car highlighting elements are graphite finish and sport body kit and also N badges on rear hatchback door and front fender. The 17-inch alloy wheels builds the sporty value of the car, on the whole the Hyundai i20-N sport is installed with unique sporty car features making it the best in its segment.

Now with so many marvelous sporty elements infused into i20 N-Sport, now we can imagine the engine power of the vehicle. It is amazingly potent indeed, fitted with a powerful 1.4 liter 16 valve four-cylinder petrol engine engineered with the advanced dual continuous variable valve timing technology and inventive multi-point electronic fuel injection system. The highly fierce engine yields incredible energy efficiencies of 113.9 hp and 160Nm torque through six speed manual transmission gear box.

Drive the i20 N-Sport and you can be assured to be adequately secure, the car is engineered with advanced safety fittings such as stiffer springs, (EBD) electronic brake force distribution, innovative four wheel electronic and four channel ABS system and rear solid disc brakes.

The car in South Africa costs 265,900 Rand which is Rs 11.44 lakhs INR and there is a roadside assistance and warranty coverage for five-year period or 150,000 km and there is also a 60,000km or three-year service period. Driving the i20 N-Sport is one exhilarating experience, the feel of driving 0 to 100 km/h in only 8.9 seconds is just thrilling beyond words and it moves at a top speed of a splendid 190km/h at a mileage value of 12km/l.

In 2015 August, the i20 N-Sport launched in South Africa, and for those who are keen on buying the vehicle it is a great car to own. The racing car spirit is inscribed all over the vehicle, from the exterior to the engine, and it is worth it to experience the drive feel of the vehicle, and you can just sail away to glory on smooth roads packed with minimal traffic.

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