Hyundai Xcent may reportedly soon offer a 1.4 CRDI diesel engine

Hyundai Xcent may reportedly soon offer a 1.4 CRDI diesel engine

If reports are to be believed, Hyundai may soon launch a new model of its budget sedan, the Hyundai Xcent. According to a report by the GaadiWaadi website, Hyundai is planning to launch the new model of the Xcent with a new 1.4 ltr CRDI turbocharged engine that will be fuelled by diesel. The compact sedan car currently is being sold in the country with a 1.1 ltr turbocharged diesel motor that comes with three cylinder.

The Hyundai Xcent is the only car in the Indian market in the compact sedan segment that comes with such a small engine. All of the other compact sedan models from other brands like the Honda Amaze, Tata Zest Dzire have bigger and high performance oriented engines.

Currently, the 1.1 ltr diesel engine variant of the Hyundai Xcent offers maximum power out put of 69 bhp, while its maximum torque is rated at 170 Nm. With the more powerful engine, its performance is likely to be increased along with its top speed. The company is already using this engine in many of its cars that are available in the Indian market at the moment.

After getting equipped with the new 1.4 CRDI four cylinder engine, the Hyundai Xcent is expected to be marketed as one of the most powerful compact sedan in the country. Since the new model will be offering better performance, it is expected to be priced a bit higher than the ongoing edition.

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