Hyundai plans to organize free vehicle check-ups all over India

Hyundai plans to organize free vehicle check-ups all over India

Hyundai cars are extremely popular in India, and everywhere you go, it is impossible to not sight a Hyundai car. There has always been a huge demand for Hyundai vehicles since the company’s first existence way back in 1996. For those who are keen on buying a Hyundai car, this is the best time to do so, the company has planned to organize a free vehicle check-up all over the country.

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The second biggest car manufacturer will initiate free vehicle service camps on the 22nd of May 2016 in 567 dealership centers in 324 cities. The free servicing center developed by Hyundai is called ‘Mega Experience Hyundai Program’ and the benefit of this program is Hyundai customers can enjoy good service by a team of highly experienced professionals.

For those who own or are keen on owning a Hyundai vehicle, you can be assured to enjoy the high-quality value of the brand to the core. You will not only possess a highly reliable car, but also avail fantastic vehicle check-ups service. The company plans to install free eighteen check-ups at petrol pumps, parking spots, residential places and malls. Hyundai has established the free vehicle service check-up in a manner that is not only efficient but also convenient for consumers, by fixing a place and time as per customer convenience.

The senior vice-president in the marketing and sales department of Hyundai Motor India Limited, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava commented saying, ‘’Hyundai has always been a caring and customer centric brand and due to this effect the Mega Experience Hyundai Program is initiated to strengthen the bond we have with our highly valued consumers. The main goal of Hyundai Motor India is to reach out to a wide range of consumers, understand their desires and form a strong bond with customers where we can continue to deliver high-quality service now and in the near future.’’

It is a great feeling ever to be able to own a Hyundai car, and now owning the brand is all the more pleasurable with the free Mega Experience Hyundai Program. It is amazing to know that you can benefit from free vehicle check-up, and it is going to conducted on a grand scale with top-notch service. Customers will be offered scratch cards with amazing benefits on free car wash, labor charges and so on, and all these benefits can be benefited within a specific time period. Coming to the more exciting aspect of the service, when the cars are getting services, customers can just have a whale of a time and engage in super fun activities such as games, face painting and also free health check-ups and you can even test drive some of the incredible range of Hyundai vehicles.

People who are owning a Hyundai car, take the most advantage out of the Mega Experience Hyundai program on the 22nd of May and you will get the best free vehicle treatment ever and also get to enjoy some bonding moments with other customers through games, face painting and so on. It is going to be the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed weekend.

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