Hyundai plans to install AMT technology in all its engines from 2018

Hyundai Motor Indiile unit of the reputed main Korean unit, and the company has created so much of diversity in India, venturing across a series of segments such as i10 and i20 hatchbacks, Elite i20 compact sedan, Verna and Elantra luxury sedan and Creta and Santa Fe SUV.

Scores of Indian’s flock towards Hyundai cars, and such a trend has been visible for years, choose a Hyundai car from any segment and you will experience nothing but prime eminence and comfort. The Hyundai brand is popular among people of all age groups, and sitting inside a Hyundai car feels so homely and comfortable.

From the time of inception way back in the year 1996 till now in 2016, the fame value of Hyundai has been unbeatable. Recently the company has celebrated its twenty years of existence, and it is a phenomenal milestone indeed and certainly unbelievable. For the past twenty years so much has happened within Hyundai stable and with every passing year, it appears that we own a product that is stylish, young looking and powerful.

Hyundai has not only battled sustaining twenty years of existence with great reputation and value, the company has managed to battle challenging markets as well. Over a period of time, probably due to recession, the sale outcome of automobile industry took a U-turn and the demand for cars lessenand the demand for cars lessened vastly. The company took up the challenge of weakened economy and emerged with strategies to enhance buying power and some of the best sellers are Grand i10, Elite i20 and Creta.

The company is continuing to work on strategies to tackle perplexing markets, and Hyundai aims to introduce AMT technology in all its engines from the year 2018 in India. The concept of AMT technology is a revolutionary invention. The theory behind AMT transmission is similar to that of an automatic car, there is no clutch pedal and only an accelerator and brake pedal and the person in the driver’s seat has to only bother about when to press the start and stop button. The advantage of using an AMT car is superior fuel-efficiency power and acceleration.

From the time of commencement till now Hyundai has always moved towards futuristic technologies, the company is among the first to tap into advanced design technology visible on the innovative Fluidic design concept. Even now the company is moving in the high-tech direction, evident by its plan to install AMT technology engines in all its vehicles from 2018.

It will be interesting to know more about Hyundai’s aim to insert AMT engines in all its vehicles that will come into action a couple of years from now. The company functions on a logo called ‘New Thinking New Possibilities’ and this concept is going to visible in the near future with all of the cars having AMT engines.

The concept of AMT technology is expanding to a vast degree in India, but the concept has not flourished to a great extent. Hyundai is actually visualizing the future obvious with its intension to build all its engines with AMT transmission from 2018.

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