Honda To Discontinue Accord In India

Honda To Discontinue Accord In India

According to the available information Honda Motors is planning to discontinue one of the premium cars Accord in India. Honda motors wants to streamline their product in the market and wants to give more focus on sales producing cars. Accord has been the best D- segment sedan in India since its launch. Company has already stopped the assembling of their car Civic. It is assumed that company has taken this decision to stop accord due to the lack of proper diesel engine for this sedan. Honda has unveiled the different models for 2013. It is expected that Honda will stop the production of Accord globally.

Though Honda is offering Accord with diesel engine in the European market, they are unable to use it in India due to the lower quality of diesel that is available in India. Honda Motors is working to develop a suitable diesel engine for developing markets like India. Though company has unveiled the new models, it will not be viable in India. This is because the new models are costlier than the current Accord available in India and none of the models offer diesel engines. Though the sedans from Honda motors is well known for their looks, refinement, attractive cabin and dynamic performance, the lack of diesel engines and high prices makes it affordable only for people in the higher financial status.  The present economic scenario in India and the fuel prices only support vehicles with diesel engines and which gives full value for money.

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