Honda to Come with 1.6-Litre DTEC Engine in 2013

Honda to Come with 1.6-Litre DTEC Engine in 2013

The vehicles of Honda are famous for their high performance engines. Their F1 engines and the VTEC motors are examples of the precision of the Honda engines provide.  The Japanese car manufacturer is planning to come out with DTEC engines in the Indian market. It is expected that Honda will be launching the Civic in Europe with 1.6 liter DTEC engine.  The company will use the same engine as the basis of the 1.5-litre DTEC engine.  This 1.5 liter DTEC will power the Honda Brio based sedan which will come to India next year.

Honda is trying to achieve performance perfection with the new engines. The engines will have aluminum construction which will help to deliver maximum torque even at low revolutions. The new engines are expected to be compact.  It is expected that the 4 cylinder engine will be able to deliver a power of 12w0 PS at 4000 rpm and a maximum torque of 300Nm at 2000 rpm.  Honda claims that the aluminum construction and compact design will make the new motor to be the lightest diesel engine in the world.

The company will incorporate the new engine in it s cars by 2013. The manufacturer claims that this engine will be the most efficient and non- polluting engine developed by the company.  It is expected that 2013 CR-V in India will also get this engine.  With the modified engines the Honda cars will be able to provide better performance in the coming years. You cannot ignore the fact that Honda creates the best engines in the world.

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