Honda To Celebrate Civic Success At Paris Auto Show

Honda To Celebrate Civic Success At Paris Auto Show

The 2012 Paris Auto Show is the stage that Honda has selected to celebrate the success of selling 290 million Honda Civic cars over a span of 40 years. The Honda Civic was launched into the world in 1972 and in this span of 40 years; Honda has really grown from strength to strength with its Civic car. The company is planning to showcase the first generation Honda Civic car as well as the latest generation of the Civic cars and Paris Motor Show is the chosen place for this grand exhibition. The latest Honda Civic with the Honda Company’s 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel engine would be showcased at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show and the engine features Honda’s Earth Dreams technology. The new diesel engine that Honda has developed will deliver a power output of about 120PS and a maximum torque of about 299Nm. This new 1.6 litre diesel engine for Civic will be going on sale in Europe shortly.

The new Honda CR-V will also be on display at the Paris Motor Show and with its huge popularity and demand there is no better place to display the latest Honda CR-V model than Pairs Auto Show. The next generation compact electric sp[orts car called EV-STER would also be showcased during the Paris Auto Show and it seems that Honda is looking to really explore the European markets with a host of new cars. There is hope that the new Honda CR-V and the diesel engine Honda Civic would also be coming to Indian pretty soon.

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