Honda reveals new FCEV concept

Honda reveals new FCEV concept

The Los Angeles Auto Show saw Japanese giant Honda unveil their latest gem – the all-new next-gen FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) concept. This concept showcases Honda’s styling directions, featuring advanced fuel efficiency, improved power management and a futuristic design bordering on streamlined sci-fi.


This concept will be put to use practically on all future FCEVs from the company, and will go on sale in Japan and USA by the end of 2014, with Europe following close behind. The next-generation FCEV from Honda will be the first vehicle ever to fully apply the fuel-cell powertrain package in the engine compartment. Further ground-breaking incorporations include improved cabin space efficiency, as well as a complete adaptability of the FCEV concept to mould itself into all future vehicle types.

For a vehicle slated to become the new future of automobiles, the FCEV concept from Honda sure looks the part. The streamlined sci-fi appearance is awe-inspiring, and is more than just a pretty facade. The concept car boasts of a 500 km range, and is capable of seating a total of five people at a time. According to reports sourced from Honda officials, the fuel cell comes with a 60 percent power density. The size of the FCEV stack has also been reduced by 33 percent, in comparison to the previous FC-X Clarity.

Fuel-cell vehicles score over futuristic electric vehicles in their ability to refuel using liquid hydrogen, thus minimising a whole lot of waste and pollution generated from the use of fossil fuels.

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