Honda NSX features leaked

Honda NSX features leaked

The Honda NSX was released at the Detroit Auto Show. The new NSX is a slightly improvised version of the NSX concept that was featured at the Detroit Auto Show last year. The latest NSX edition gets an upgraded interior and has big carbon fibre struts which run from the dashboard to the centre console.


The NSX will be fitted with Honda’s Super Active All-Wheel Drive system and it will use a mid mounted V6 attached with separate electric motors to drive the rear and front wheels with a total output of around 400bhp that will give the best of a four wheel drive experience.

The car has a very sporty exterior with revised front-end featuring razor sharp edges, blacked-out grille, stunning flying buttresses and arrow-like noser. The interior features a tall center console with simple controls, and a large screen at the top. Two-tone leather dominates the cabin, while carbon fiber trims give it an air of exclusivity.

The car has been designed by Acura Design, who said their aim was to create a modern performance car that must look forward, be simple and technically sound. The interior design was carried out with the focus on intuitive controls and quality to let the driver focus on driving.

Acura Design spokesperson said that the car showcased at the Auto Show was only a first concept, and that it too could evolve over the years until the NSX’s official launch.

The car is however not set to go into production for two more years. The car’s development and production will happen in the US.


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