New variants of the Honda Mobilio unleashed

New variants of the Honda Mobilio unleashed

Honda has been extremely successful in putting up a good show with the launch of the Mobilio in India. In just one month, the Mobilio has been able to draw a lot of attention from the Indian customers. And in order to stand upon the demands and expectations of the clients without any hassle, there are reports which suggest that Honda is trying to accelerate its production. Continuing the same trend, the Japanese auto giant has unveiled two completely new variants in the form of RS (O) and V (O) for Mobilio in the Indian market. Honda has equipped both the upcoming models with a parking camera enabling you to have a view at the back and AVN (Audio Video Navigation) facility which is the first of its kind in this segment.

The latest V (O) variant will be the top model out of the currently performing E, V and S models of both diesel and petrol variants. And the RS (O) variant will be exclusively available for the sporty RS variant running on diesel. Both the upcoming models are expected to possess wooden interiors for the door armrests and the dashboard. And if the official reports hold true, then you will be able to buy these variants from the middle of September.

Coming back to the upcoming AVN unit, it is laden with a touchscreen of 15.7 cm in size and preloaded with entirely in car entertainment, maps, connectivity features like Bluetooth, AUX, mp3, FM/AAM, i-pod, CD and DVD and a navigation system based on satellite and guided by voice. Users can even connect their smartphones with the AVN via Bluetooth and use the screen for answering or making calls, accessing the phonebook contacts or playing music.

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