Honda Civic Diesel Offers A Whooping 33kmpl Mileage

Honda Civic Diesel Offers A Whooping 33kmpl Mileage

The all new Honda Civic diesel car from the popular Japanese auto manufacturer, Honda Motors, is all set to launch in Europe and the 1.6 i-DTEC engine fitted under the bonnet of the car is said to deliver an amazing mileage of 33.3 kmpl. It not only offers the best mileage in its class but also offers lower CO2 emission apart from providing peak engine performance. This is the sort of car that would really sell like hot cakes in India, but as of now this new Honda Civic diesel is bound to go to Europe.

This is the 1st engine to be set in motion in Europe below Honda’s flagship Earth Dreams Technology environmental programme. The British acquired Honda Civic would be available on sale from January 2013 and there is no doubt that there will be quite a few takers for this vehicle after the news of its mileage and fuel efficiency. The all-new power plant has been formulated solely for Europe, and screened extensively on a mixed bag of roads across Europe. Therefore, this car would be a distant dream as far as India is concerned owning to the condition of the roads. The brand-new fuel-sipping Civic 1.6 i-DTEC holds running prices low by giving out just 94 g/km CO2 emission. Hence, fill ups will take longer durations. It’s a vehicle which is likely to grab the eye of company vehicle fleet managers and user pickers. The Civic extends a peak power outturn of 120PS at 4,000rpm whereas maximum torsion is 300Nm at 2,000rpm. The new version would be accessible in 3 liberally fitted trim levels.

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