Honda aims to focus on commercial fleet segment with Mobilio

Honda aims to focus on commercial fleet segment with Mobilio

A few years ago Honda Cars India ventured into the MPV market with Mobilio, it is an extended version of the trendy Brio hatchback. The car is perfect to enjoy numerous happy family moments, but unfortunately Honda has not generated desired profit outcomes with the vehicle. The sale of Mobilio MPV has been sluggish for a while since its inception in the year 2014.


Honda has recently explored the compact SUV market with BR-V, it is a seven seat car, it looks compact from the outside and when you step inside it looks gigantic. The design layout of BR-V is so creative that car enthusiasts have termed it to be a mature MPV than a SUV. Although Mobilio was introduced a couple of years ago, Honda failed to generate adequate demand, and viewing the low demand outcome of the car, Honda has decided to enter the commercial fleet vehicle segment with Mobilio.

On the aim of introducing Mobilio in the commercial fleet vehicle segment, the Senior vice-president in the sale and marketing department of Honda Cars India, Jnaneswar Sen commented saying, ‘’we are not keen to discontinue the production of Mobilio and we are now keen to explore the commercial fleet vehicle segment, we have not ventured too much into this category because of the high-profile brand image of Honda, although we are relatively new to the commercial fleet vehicle market we are keen to tap into this segment and generate aggressive profits with Mobilio.’’

When Honda announced of its plan to launch Mobilio in India, it was anticipated to be a big launch with a roaring demand. At the moment the company has not been able to generate sufficient profits with the car, in 2016 April the company rolled out just 374 units of the car and even during the initial months of 2016, the sale outcome of Mobilio has been way lower than expected. In the month of March, the company sold 610 units, in February the firm sold 226 units and January Honda sold 441 units.

The demand for Mobilio has been significantly lower than other Honda best sellers like Amaze and City. It is rather unfortunate that the demand for Mobilio has been rather low, some of the most sought after arch rivals of Mobilio is Renault Lodgy and Toyota Innova. Honda has gained instant success acclaim with Amaze and City, and such a trend was not seen on Mobilio, although there was so much of excitement associated with it, majority of the public has lost sight of the car. Mobilio is fitted with a potent 1.5 liter i-VTEC petrol and 1.5 liter i-VTEC diesel engine the same used in Amaze and City.

Honda is now keen to gain admirable sale volumes of Mobilio by placing it in the commercial fleet market and it is going to be a convenient vehicle for the commercial fleet market industry because of the top-class style, comfortable and luxurious interiors and power packed engine.

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