Google introduces the prototype of its self driving car

Google introduces the prototype of its self driving car

Google, the search engine giant is already behind some of the most notable services available on the planet. The company offers excellent mobile services under Android operating system and best in class desktop browsing experience with Chrome browser. Earlier this year, the company announced that it will be bringing self driving cars in the near future.


Google has now revealed its new modified fully functional prototype of the self driving car. It is legislated variant of Google’s self driving cars on which the company has been working in past couple of months. The first range of auto driven cars will be showcased at the upcoming tech events in the year 2015.

The search engine giant has recently unveiled the latest gen models of its self driving cars. The vendor plans to produce at least 200 prototype of these cars for testing on a large scale. If everything goes smooth, other automobile manufacturers are also expected to follow Google and introduce their own self driving cars.

To recap, Google’s automatically driven cars are based on the design of the Toyota Prius and Lexus 450h models. Google hasn’t yet officially announced when these cars will be available to the masses, but we expect an announcement as soon as quarter first of 2015.

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