Google gets one inch close to launch the driverless car

Google gets one inch close to launch the driverless car

Self driving cars have been a huge dream of the manufacturers. However, there have not been much of the development in this field. But, now we are pretty sure that we will be sitting in a self driving car in near future. The search engine giant, Google is currently working on a self driving car, which will not have any kind of steering wheel, pedals or brakes. The company is one feet close to launch the driverless car since it hasn’t been seen testing out on the roads. Google is testing out its self driven car in different environments.


The prototype of the Google self driven car is having two seats for the passengers. There is a 360 degree viewing camera is also located on the top of the roof. This camera will be able to detect the environment around it. After detecting the environment, it will be sending signals to the tyre of the car to change its direction. However, this technology is still in the production, but the company has been working with the sensor manufacturers to come up with a good solution.

The Google self driving car will not be reaching high speeds, at least initially. The company is currently developing around 100 prototypes of the self driving car. An unknown manufacturer is developing the prototypes of the Google self driving car, which is located in Detroit. If everything goes right, we expect the Google self driving car will be on the roads in just about 2 to 3 years.

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