Go Hatchback from Datsun to be Displayed in 90 Cities

Go Hatchback from Datsun to be Displayed in 90 Cities

Since the car’s official release in July, the public has seen Datsun’s Go hatchback just in pictures as well as online videos. Now however, potential buyers will be able to get a real feel of the still to be launched hatchback. Datsun will be showcasing the car at more than 90 cities in India as part of an all India road show. The show will start on the 14th of December at Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai and will spread eventually across all major cities in the country.


The car has an expected price tag of less than Rs 4 lakh and will look to compete in the entry level hatchback segment. The target audience will include largely first time car purchasers who reside in both Tier I as well as Tier II cities. The all India road show will also allow the company to take the Datsun Go hatchback to a large portion of its overall consumer base in the country which would generate a lot of interest for the car. This exercise will also help the carmaker to gauge the kind of feedback it can expect from people who are likely to buy the cars.

The three pillars of the car brand are Dream, Access and Trust and the company is looking to achieve this by showcasing the car to all the customers. They are looking to become a household name in India and to be able to communicate well with the customers is certainly a most important step.

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