Get ready for a pleasant surprise Hyundai likely to bring the Santro back to production in India

Get ready for a pleasant surprise Hyundai likely to bring the Santro back to production in India

The esteemed South Korean firm Hyundai has introduced a range of stunning and creative cars in India. The company has worked across a series of segments with i10, i20, Eon, i10 Grand hatchback, Verna sedan, Genesis luxury sedan and Creta and Santa Fe SUV. When it comes to comforting close knit families, the hatchback vehicles of Hyundai are mind blowing.

Hyundai Santro Xing Will Become History In Couple Of Years Time

Hyundai has designed inventive hatchbacks and many of us would remember the Santro hatchback, it was first launched a long time ago, in the year 1998 and it was nothing but an instant best seller. Hyundai has stalled the production of the vehicle in 2014, and Santro has not been on the scene for two years. There is some great news for those who treasure the Santro, according to the latest news the company is keen to commence production process of Santro.

Reports state Hyundai is developing a new Santro vehicle in South Korea and it will make its way to the Indian market a couple of years from now. The Santro is one trendy looking car with a neatly designed hatchback body, professionally designed perforated radiator grille and an amazing looking slender headlight cluster with pristine clear lens. It is among the first hatchback creations of Hyundai and it is still etched in people’s memory.

It is hard to forget about the Santro, especially for people who have driven the car years ago when it first launched and continue to cherish the vehicle. It must have been not so good news for a majority of the public when Hyundai decided to stop the production of the car in 2014. The exceptionally stylish Santro can never go out of style and the Indian population just wants the car back in showrooms. According to reports, there were many people questioning Hyundai dealer officials about why the car was discontinued.

The Santro is now going to appear again in showrooms sometime in 2018, and it is going to be exciting to get a chance to view the car that disappeared from the scene a couple of years ago. Hyundai has created so many memories with Santro and there are some people who have grown up with recollections of the car.

The Santro was among the highest selling vehicles in the country and Hyundai generated an overall admirable profit of 13.6 lakh units, and the export turnover of the vehicle is 5.3 lakh units, and on the whole there were around 18.95 lakh units of Santro stacked up in showrooms throughout the period when the vehicle was available in dealerships.

Up till now only minimal information is available about the re-arrival of Santro, the public is not sure about how the car is going to look, according to some reports it is likely to be a crossover car. It will be interesting to learn about how the brand new Santro will look, some of us would believe that it is going to be the next-generation car with many new modifications, but with Santro identity. Let us patiently wait for more information about the car.

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