The upcoming growth scale of Ford in Asia in the next decade

The upcoming growth scale of Ford in Asia in the next decade

The Ford Motor Co is in plan to make a growth in corporate sale over the next decade. According to the sources, the President of Ford’s Asia Pacific Region said,” The upcoming decade will only support a rough growth of 60% in the Asia Pacific Region and the Ford’s Asia Pacific sales in the first quarter  is equal to 6.8 per cent of the company’s total. Reportedly, China will be hitting the sales around 32 million of ford vehicles till 2020 as noted China had 23 million in the year, 2013. Just in comparison to China, India will be doubling to 6 million in sale at the same time.

To increase the vehicle sale the Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen has decreased the price of vehicle in China. For instance – The Ford Explorer SUV is 8% less in price. The gradually decreasing economy has dropped the sale of the vehicles by 0.5% in April and it’s also becoming difficult for the foreign automobile makers as they have to lead a tough competition with China especially in SUVs. However, the sale growth in China was bit increased by 0.1%.

The information struck the clock and derived that the US automaker would slow production if market demand dictates and it was reported that the China Ford company would take actions but no such action was noted.

The Joint Venture of Ford and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd announced that they are going to take a northeast China factory in a $1.1 billion. The motive behind this Joint Venture was that the Changan Ford’s has to increase its vehicles sale by 200,000 units in the upcoming year.

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