Fiat Mobi launching in Brazil; India has to wait

Fiat Mobi launching in Brazil; India has to wait

The Fiat Mobi and Mobi Way models are approaching their respective launch dates and new spy pictures are revealing something new about these two models every single day. As the latest spy pics surfaced on the internet, they bring completely camouflage-free shots of the Mobi hatchback for everybody to see.

Fiat Mobi

The Fiat Uno replacement will launch on 18th April and the Fiat Mobi Way crossover may launch along with the Mobi hatchback, or later in June as previously declared. The Mobi Way will feature a different set of design features that will set it apart from its hatchback counterpart, but both the cars will feature a lot of similarities which will make it very obvious that they belong to the same generation of a family.

The Mobi Way will get larger headlamps and taillights. The side profile reveal four spoke alloys. The wheelbase will be about 2.35 meters. There will be a twin-slat grille. The roof rails and the dark silver toned skid plate are visible in the pictures too. What is not visible in the pictures yet are the windshields and roof stamping that will be carried over from the Uno. The front doors too are likely to be sourced from the Uno. The styling will however, not let it be very obvious.

The front fascia borrows a lot from the Uno but the platform is not totally depended on the Uno platform. The rear end is absolutely unique. The Mobi combines cost-effective designs from the Uno platform and makes the rest for itself. Therefore, the Mobi and the Mobi Way, will both be reasonable cars with their own unique styling and design language.

The chassis of the Mobi will be way sturdier than that of the Uno. The crash resistance will be higher. Fiat will not offer much choice on the engine front. The 1000cc engine will be the only option. There will be a petrol or ethanol option for the fuel. The diesel version will not be available in Brazil itself. The petrol version will offer up to 73BHP while the ethanol option will give up to 75BHP. The engine will come mated to a 5-speed MT.

Later on, sometime in the next year, another 1000cc engine option will be introduced in a 3-cylinder engine. It will be based on the GSE technology with start-stop function. The new engine option will be available in the Brazilian market, and the other global markets will get it according to the response generated by the initial model.

The Mobi hatchback will start at something around INR 5.3 lac in the Indian currency. The Mobi Way crossover will be available for about INR 2 lac more. The cars will launch in the Brazilian market first and then proceed to other market releases including India. In India, the car will be confirmed in 2017 and if everything goes well, it will release for the market in 2018. Therefore, the Indian customer base has no reason to be excited about this car just yet.

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