Facelifted Mahindra Genio Pick-up Truck Spied—Exteriors Revealed

The Mahindra G) was sC India. This model has gone through plenty of changes and its exteriors exhibit them with style and extravagance. Experts have been commenting on pick-up trucks market in India lately and they strongly feel that it will grow at a rapid pace in the near future. Judging by the changing trends the sales of performance centric pick-up trucks is supposed to take a huge leap in the next 7 to 8 odd years.

Keeping in mind the changing sales patterns of pick-up trucks in India, it looks like Mahindra is aiming at upgrading the Genio as per the feedbacks it has received so far. The price of the Mahindra Genio is ridiculously lower than the other pick-up trucks in the world. Now, for instance if the Australian automobile market is taken into consideration, a pick-up truck like the Mahindra Genio, which costs less than $20,000 and features a decent if not extravagant diesel engine is a great investment for its users.

However, the improving roads and the desire to use a truck which caters to other needs such as, taking the family out for shopping on a Sunday has compelled Mahindra to upgrade the Genio. The logic behind going ahead with this facelift is that Mahindra wants its users to have the leverage to use this vehicle beyond transporting agricultural produce sporting agricultural produce back and forth. It definitely wants the Genio to cater to the other fancy needs of a farmer as well, which would be taking a family for a ride and much more.

Now, taking a closer look at the facelifted version of the Genio and comparing it with its predecessor, the first thing which you would notice is the new design of the grilles. The vertical bars type grilles have been replaced by a much refined design pattern which gives it a rather robust look. The fog lamps are round shaped this time as compared to a tilted triangle shaped fog lamps of the previous model.

So basically, what Mahindra has strived hard to do this time is that it has refined the exteriors to great extent giving it a more sturdy look from the front. The Mahindra Genio (facelift) is now available in blue paintwork as well. The previous versions were available in brown, silver and white paintworks. The Genio will feature both single can and the double cab versions which is kept in keeping in mind the changing requirements of the pick-up trucks users in India.

The Mahindra Genio will be offered in India with a 2.5-litre mDI CRDe engine which will offer a peak power of 75 bhp and a peak torque of 220 Nm. This model will also offered in the international market but with a minor tweak in its engine specifications. It will be offered with a 2.2-litre diesel engine that would be capable of producing 1ould be capable of producing 180 bhp at a peak torque of 280 Nm.

This model will also come with safety features such as ABS and airbags. The information of the interiors is less, however, by judging from its previous models one can expect ample of legroom in this model. The Mahindra Genio is expected to be showcased in the 2016 auto expo in Greater Noida which will further facilitate a string of revelations regarding the interiors of the Mahindra Genio.

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