Expect Porsche Pajun In India By 2017

Expect Porsche Pajun In India By 2017

There is stiff competition to come on the way of BMW 5 series cars with Porsche now planning to launch Porsche Pajun in India. The Porsche Panamera has taken the world by storm and Porsche think tank is hopeful that its lighter version or the junior Panamera would recreate the same magic that Panamera created all over the world. It is seen that this new Pajun model from Porsche would compete with the likes of Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 as well. The launch of this new car from Porsche is not due until 2016 and even way before its launch, this car is giving sleepless nights to the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. The Porsche Pajun is destined to hit the Indian shores only by 2017. The new Porsche Pajun will be a shorter as well as lower version of the popular Panamera car and would be using the cut down platform of the Panamera vehicle. It is also expected that the Pajun will be designed on the similar lines of both Porsche 911 and Panamera and it could be an amalgamation of both these cars.

Considering that the new Pajun car is to come out of the Porsche stable, you van expect noting short of an agile and very sharp and highly responsive car and it would be an absolute delight to drive this vehicle. The luxury sedan would definitely come in both petrol and diesel versions and it is expected that a 3.0 Litre V6 diesel engine would be used in the car and this engine is expected to churn out 310Ps of power. All the versions of the Porsche Pajun car would be mated with a seven speed manual gear case and dual clutch PDK system. Moreover, you will also be able to enjoy the Porsche Pajun car four wheel drive option that it is said to offer.

It is also rumored that the brand new Porsche Pajun car would come as a five door version similar to what you get in the Panamera Porsche car. There is still some doubts cast on the name of the vehicle and the Pajun name might not be the actual name of this brand new Porsche car. The team from Porsche is at the moment tight lipped about this new car that will come to limelight in 2016. But, by the look of things, Porsche is all set to release a shortened and sweeter version of its popular Panamera car.  This new project is also a joint effort by Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen with Porsche Car Company having a major hand in the manufacture of the car. But, by the time Porsche Pujan lands in India, there is every possibility that the trend might have changed in India.

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