Electric Cars to be Sold by Nissan in Bhutan

Electric Cars to be Sold by Nissan in Bhutan

Nissan and the Royal Government of Bhutan have entered into an agreement with the goal of achieving the eco-friendly vision that the nation has set out for its future.


The government of Bhutan is looking to target electric vehicles as a key means to achieve the target of becoming a nil emissions nation. It has set out to make Thimpu a “clean electric” city as the transportation for more than 100,000 of its citizens would be powered by clean energy. Sufficient hydro-electricity is generated by the country but it needs to import fossil fuels in order to keep its vehicle fleet running. The country is now looking to reduce this import by a significant margin.

The first step in this tie-up, Nissan will be delivering the Leafs, which will be used in the government fleet. The car will also be used as taxis and as demo units which will be followed by a national rollout. There will also be a supply of quick chargers to supplement the government’s plans. The details of the agreement also contain the feasibility studies for further cooperation.

The Bhutan government is also looking at possible ways of implementing a way to secure exemptions from sales tax, custom duty and green tax for EVs and a carbon credit plan wherein the sale of these EVs would earn credits which could be traded for tax exemptions.

The Leaf was the first zero emissions vehicle to be produced on a mass scale worldwide and is the bestselling EV in history and has a 45 per cent market share globally.

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