Development of Infiniti Cars to be Led By Mercedes

Development of Infiniti Cars to be Led By Mercedes

Dieter Zetsche, the head at Daimler, has announced that Mercedes Benz would be taking the lead with regard to the development of any new cars which will be shared with Infiniti and are based on the company’s new MFA platform. However, he agreed that too many such projects could become an issue for management.


Infiniti is the luxury cars arm of Nissan and will be developing its new crossover which is based on the Q30 concept which was showcased at the motor show in Frankfurt last year. This concept was built on the MFA architecture which is the same as the one underpinning the new A-Class, CLA and B-Class. Zetsche said the Mercedes would take the lead when it came to the development of any compact car as the platform belonged to them.

Andy Palmer, the head at Infiniti too suggested that future models of the brand may be based on the MFA, which is likely an indication of a soft roader which will be based on the jacked up GLA edition of the Mercedes A-Class.

This has become a trend globally as a larger number of manufacturers look to come together with an aim of sharing not only platforms but technology as well. Among the companies, BMW is another car maker which had undertaken an initiative of this sort by tying up with the Japanese car maker Toyota in 2013. Both these companies have been working on a joint platform to make a sportscar.

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