Daimler Trucks becomes India’s third largest heavy duty truck manufacturer

Daimler Trucks becomes India’s third largest heavy duty truck manufacturer

Germany based commercial truck manufacturer Daimler is now India’s third largest truck manufacturer. The company has displaced the Eicher Motors as the third truck manufacturer in the country. It is interesting that Daimler debuted in the Indian market less than 2 years. According to reports, the company now commands a 4.3 per cent stake in the heavy duty trucks market in the Indian market. The sales figure for Daimler’s success in the country are pulled from the India’s Automotive industry for the first quarter of the year.

Daimler India stated that the company has managed to sell more than 10,000 heavy duty trucks in the Indian market in last two years and it is now the fastest growing brand in the commercial truck market of India. Daimler is a multinational auto manufacturer and it is already the leading brand in the manufacturing of trucks. According to reports, it is also the third biggest car manufacturer across the globe. The manufacturer owns the highly popular luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz. In the Indian market, it sells its devices under Bharatbenz brand.

Products from Bharat Benz include the medium duty trucks, which cover the weight categories from nine to twelve tonnes. The heavy duty truck from the company offer weight category between twenty five to thirty one tonnes. Talking about the competition, Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland, these two brands are still the leading truck manufacturers in the Indian market. Their market share is between 59 percent to 27 percent respectively. Now lets see if Daimler trucks can go to the top position of the Indian truck market or not.

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