BMW reveals the X5 eDrive concept

BMW reveals the X5 eDrive concept

BMW has revealed its X5 eDrive concept which will take the company one step ahead towards its hybrid technology. This new technology will be used by the company in their future SUVs. This X5 eDrive concept will be making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept will be exhibiting 3 driving modes which are hybrid, save battery and all electric.


The concept car is powered by a 4 cylinder turbo charged engine and an electric motor which has an output of 96 PS. The concept car is offering a fuel efficiency of 26.3 kmpl. The car is capable of covering a distance of 30 km in its all electric mode. This car can attain a maximum speed of 120 kmph in its all electric mode and can do 0 to 100 kmph in just 7 seconds.

The concept is featuring a few minor additions which distinguish it from the present model of standard X5. The car is showcasing grille slats as well as air intake bars. The car is running on 21 inch all alloy wheels which are aerodynamically more optimized. The car is using a Silverflake metallic paint on the exterior.

SUVs using Hybrid technology are gaining a lot of popularity among the SUV buyers. The recent addition in this segment is the Range Rover Sport Hybrid. Porsche has also announced that it is working on Cayenne Hybrid. But sadly India has still not welcomed the Hybrid technology due to lack of infrastructure.

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