Audi SUV Q2 could become India’s cheapest luxury car

Audi SUV Q2 could become India’s cheapest luxury car

German luated a buzz by teasing its new Q2 compact SUV. The Indian auto enthusiasts are more than eager to have this car in our shore, while the baby SUV also grabbed great attention when it was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. The small Audi Q2 luxury SUV is not like its larger siblings, the Q3, the Q5 or the Q7, and is quite sporty as well fun.

Audi Q2 SUV

The Audi Q2 baby SUV is definitely going to be priced below the Audi Q3, it is also thought to become the cheapest Audi that would be available in the Indian car market. The Audi Q3 SUV has become quite bit hit in its own segment owing to the rising popularity of both the premium cars as well as SUV, especially the smaller ones. Car buyers are largely drawn towards it as it comes with an entry level price despite the fact that it is an Audi vehicle model. The Audi Q2 will be further drawing the masses with its more affordable price point, while it is also expected to be better in many aspects. For instance, thny aspects. For instance, the Audi Q2 shares the same MQB platform with its elder sibling Q3, but it flaunts the new Q lineup design and it is more technically advanced.

The all-new Audi Q2 compact luxury SUV model is likely to be priced at around Rs. 25 lakhs, which will not only make it the cheapest Audi offering in India but would also offer it an pricing edge over its current market rivals. If the Audi Q2 really launches at the speculated price point, then it will be cheaper than BMW X1, the 1 Series (Rs. 30 lakhs ex-showroom, New Delhi), Mercedes-Benz GLA, the CLA which the most affordable Mercedes, the A-Class (Rs. 27.4 lakhs, ex-showroom New Delhi). Thus, if the Audi Q2 is really priced below the Audi A3, then it could very well be the cheapest luxury vehicle in the Indian car market and this could really boost the sales of Audi India.

The new upcoming Audi Q2 SUV model will be also snatching many buyers from the other premium SUV models in its own segment in India, and also from several other 7-seater SUV models in the Indian market as the Trailblazer and Endeavour. Moreover, all the SUV lovers who are particularly on the lookout for a good SUV model might also be lured by the Q2 owing to its advanced technology and design let alone the grand brand name.

The all-new Audi Q2 flaunts a sporty design with stylized exterior features, sloping roof-line, partial floating roof design, aggressive front fascia, with a large front grille, large and boldly styled air-dam and highly stylized LED headlights. The rear design of the Audi Q2 baby SUV is styled subtly and flaunts a skid plate, a roof mounted spoiler, attractive tail lights and dual exhaust tips. The SUV measures 4,191 mm long, 2,009 mm wide and 1,508 tall, but offers spacious interiors despite its compact exterior.

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