Audi Coming Up with An Assembly Plant In India

Audi Coming Up with An Assembly Plant In India

The German auto car manufacturer, Audi, which has tasted real good success in India recently has been bolstered by this rich vein of form and is planning to establish a new production and assembling plant in India at the Aurangabad plant of the Audi group’s entry car brand, Skoda Auto India. All the executive and compact sedans are currently being assembled at this Aurangabad facility by Audi, which comprises of Audi A4 and A6. Now there are plans to commence the assembling of the two popular sports utility vehicles Q3 and Q7 from this new unit at Aurangabad. At present, Audi India would be able to churn out a total of 6,500 units every year from this plant.

With the set up of a dedicated plant facility in Aurangabad, Audi India is hoping to produce about 3,000 units every year. Now, the Aurangabad plant facility is under construction and is going for a five year plan in production in India where it will shell out 30 million Euros. The next set of five year plan by the Audi Company will be announced in 2013. Audi is really working pretty hard to become the top luxury and premium car seller in the country and is currently locking horns with BMW and most popular Mercedes Benz for the top spot. The company is also planning to hit the sales target of 8,000 units this current year and is expecting to increase its sales by about 20% in 2013. The company has seen tremendous sales growth in the last two months and there is every possibility that it will become the leading luxury car selling company in India.

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