Audi brings the TT Roadster to India in 2016 much below the 1 crore mark

Audi brings the TT Roadster to India in 2016 much below the 1 crore mark

There is good news for India once again amidst all the good news from the automobile industry during the festive season, Audi will launch the 2016 TT Roadster in the country. The car has been registered for the Indian market way back in March and is highly likely to launch in the country at the 2016 Auto Expo.

2015 audi tt roadster

The German automaker registered the patent the TT Roadster around the same time the TT Coupe was registered. The Coupe has already been launched in India and buyers have been more than satisfied with the performance. The TT Roadster will be perfect for people who want a convertible with impressive performance within the 1 crore price mark.

Coming to the appearance of the car, the Roadster looks a lot like the Coupe but with a folding roof-top. The front and rear angles look almost identical. The Roadster looks attractive with the roof down. It comes with a black soft-top that gives the car a sporty look when the roof is not rolled back. Another plus point about the Roadster is that it does away with the practically useless back seats that the Coupe has and uses that space for the withdrawn roof top. The convertible takes just 10 seconds to get the roof down or back on. The capacity of the car is 9.9 cubic feet without the top.

The interior portion is shielded from the wind bashing, making it possible to comfortably sit with the top lowered even during high speed rides, making the Roadster the perfect on-road convertible. There is enough boot space in the front row as well as in the second row. The upholstery, overall cabin furnishings and the detailing is flawless, as is expected from the German auto giant. The dashboard and other features and the controls are similar to that in the TT Coupe.

Coming to the performance details, the Audi TT Roadster will come with the 2.0 liter turbo-fueled stratified injection unit that will offer a maximum power of up to 220BHP with a maximum power of up to 350Nm.

There is a TTS Roadster that will offer up to 292BHP but that version is not making it to the Indian market and neither to the U.S. market. The EA888 TFSI engine is mated with a 6-speed automatic dual-clutch S-Tronic transmission system. With AWD drivetrain and electromechanical power steering, the ride is smooth and fast at full throttle and the transmission offers seamless and speedy shifts. Keeping up with the reputation of Audi, there is no extra noise or vibrations from the engine.

The 60 miles per hour mark can be achieved within 5.2 seconds from standstill. The top speed offered is 155 miles per hour, which is close to 250kmph. The car is likely to have a mileage of around 10kmpl in the city and 13.6kmpl on the highway, though the EPA rating has not yet been done.

The TT Roadster is likely to be priced about INR 5,00,000 higher than the existing Coupe that is priced at INR 60,34,000. The luxury car will compete with others like the Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK.

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