Aston Martin joined hands with F1 to give the world its first real hypercar

Aston Martin joined hands with F1 to give the world its first real hypercar

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited has teamed up with the Red Bull Racing Formula One racing team to produce the next generation hypercar. The highest authorities of the racing team and the British sports carmaker will be working closely to develop this next generation dream car.

Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar

The first experimental hypercar of the alliance has been codenamed the AM-RB-001, which is not really a ‘code’ name because it simply stands for the initials of the two pairing teams and the number represents the first venture of the alliance.

Marek Reichman, the Creative Head of Aston Martin, and Adrian Newey, the Chief Technical Officer of the Red Bull F1 team, are in frequent contact to help steady and quick development of the new concept. Both the officials of the respective companies expect an ‘ultimate blend’ of revolutionary racing technology of Formula One, and the trademark sports vehicle design of Aston Martin.

The project has required the world’s best aerodynamics experts to come together and work with the most experienced professionals in the field of composite materials and production.

The technical aspects, cosmetic and powertrain features of the car have not been revealed. As of now, the car is only in the initial stages of the research and development phase. There is no information about the time the two companies would take to reveal any details about the model either.

As of now, everything is vague and uncertain, but what is certain, is that the idea of the car will be brought to life in the future, no matter how long it takes. The closest guess we can take at the engine is a Formula One KERS that will provide around 1000PS of power.

The AM-RB-001 will mark the beginning of a segment of sports cars that will practically allow common citizens to drive an F1 car on the streets. The design language will do justice to the concept of the car. Aston Martin will not go easy on any design or power feature of the car just because it is going to be a commercial vehicle and not an actual sports car.

The Chiefs of the two teams are positive about the success of the concept and are busy getting the imagined concept getting real step by step. Once it manifests as a real, road-ready car, the AM-RB-001 would have paved the way for an all-new level for sports cars.

Also, the world’s first commercial hypercar will obviously have a limited production mass and the price will be suitable for the price of a precious gem like that. However, not just the rich who can afford it and the experts who can drive it, but also every automobile lover is excited about the new hypercar. To find out why, you only need to check out the concept designs.

The concept does indeed look like something which is not from our time. If there is going to be any real revolutionizing of the automobile industry in the world, this is it. To mark the new alliance, all F1 cars will carry the Aston Martin logo right on the nose of the cars throughout the 2016 F1 season.

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