Top 5 Upcoming Sedans in India in 2013

Top 5 Upcoming Sedans in India in 2013

The demand for sedans in our country has been strained since last year due to the hike in fuel prices. Most of the buyers postponed their plans of purchasing cars in retaliation to which the car manufacturers of our country started unveiling the new models or upgraded versions of the previous models to stabilize the demand. The following are sedan automobiles which are the most awaited ones for the year 2013.

5 Best Upcoming Sedan Cars 2013

HM Ambassador (sub 4 meters)


The Ambassador car manufactured by Hindustan Motors was one of the greatest successes the company has had in its earlier days. After a full span of sixty years, the company has decided to start afresh with its all so popular Ambassador. There are only a few clicks of the car available on the internet. It can be seen that to bring the car under 4 meters, the boot of the ambassador has been cut significantly. This also helps it to qualify in the range of small cars in order for it to avoid various taxes. The HM has managed to dodge Rs. 30,000 as a result of 30% of excise savings.

Though the ambassador still has the rounded hump, the rear end truncates sharply. Even with the chopped trunk there is enough space to carry the CNG cylinder and bags as well. The existing version of 1.5 litre diesel motor has been retuned with the shortened Amby. The motor gives 35.5bhp with 13.7 kgm of torque. The HM does seem to get strained out on the highways, but in order to comply with the emission standards it might also feature with a turbocharger.

New Skoda Octavia


The new Skoda Octavia has been unveiled in India just a couple of days back. The Octavia has drawn its inspiration from Vision D concept with a complete change in interiors as well as exterior. Manufactured by the Czech company Skoda, the Octavia sedan has a design similar to that of the Rapid as both the cars are based on the same philosophy. In order to give the Octavia a more luxurious, classier and modern feel, it has been made to move towards the rounded edges. Its length has been increased to 4.6 meters and width to 1.8 meters with a wheelbase of 108mm. The Octavia brand had performed better than Laura in the market, which has raised the question of Laura’s production continuity once Octavia is out. The new Skoda Octavia may be priced somewhere around Rs.12-14 lacs (ex-showroom)
·    Petrol Engine-The petrol engine is 1.4TSI- tune 120bhp and 18bhp. The bigger units have 1.8TSI with 177bhp and 2.0 litre TSI.
·    The diesel – 1.6-litre TDI- tune 103bhp and 108bhp with the bigger units having 2.0 litre TDI with 147bhp or 181bhp.

Tata Manza CS


Tata Motors, which lost its number three position in the automobile industry to Mahindra and wishes to be ranked second by 2020, has come up with the Manza CS. This sedan version of Manza is expected to have a base model price of Rs. 6.5lakh as the car has been made less than 4 meters is length so that it can be priced competitively. With a difference in the rear bumper and also the boot being a little short, till C- pillar the car will be identical to that of Manza.
·    Engine- Quadrjet 90, 1.3 litre, 89bhp, diesel, 200Nm, Safire 90, 1.4 litre, 89bhp, petrol – 116Nm.
·    Maximum Power- Diesel- 89bhp@4000rpm, Petrol- 89bhp, 6000rpm
·    Maximum Torque- Diesel- 2000Nm @ 1750rpm, Petrol- 116Nm @ 4750rpm.
·    Safety- may feature Airbags

Hyundai i10 sedan


The Korean manufacturer, Hyundai has planned to launch an i10 based sedan by 2014. It can be said that the i10 sedan will be competing with Honda Amaze as well as Swift Dzire. As compared to the other cars, it will also be approximately 4 meters in length with the same reason of avoiding taxes. It will be having the same 1.2litre petrol engine found in the i10 hatchback, but a diesel version will also be added this time. Developing a sedan from the i20 was not plausible as the length of the hatchback itself is 4 meters. This sedan will be priced lower than Verna, but higher than the i10 hatchback. If the company prices it competitively, the product should do well in the market.

Audi A8 facelift


The newest destination for the Audi A8 facelift is India. This elegant and luxurious sedan is yet to be revealed in the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2013. The car’s navigation system will have the headlamps linked to it so that its intensity can be modulated while driving on curvy roads.

Apart from the LED headlamp technology, the A8 facelift has revised front grille, exhaust tips, bumpers and also a changed tail lamp. In order to avoid collisions or accidents, the car will be able to read pedestrians of the road which will warn the driver signaled by the blinking of its light. The A8 is said to give competition to the new Mercedes Benz S-Class and also the BMW 7-Series with its enhanced luxurious interiors.

The features that make a sedan stand out are its chassis dimensions, luggage space, seating capacity blending with luxury, comfort, good interiors and sufficient safety measures are all available in HM ambassador, New Skoda Octavia, Manza CS, Hyundai i10 sedan and the Audi A8 facelift. The manufactures have high expectations once these sedans hit the market as the car has been designed keeping in mind the majority of middle class families in our country along with an effort to incorporate as many features possible in them.

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