2017 VW Polo to be launched in the Indian market without delay in the said year

2017 VW Polo to be launched in the Indian market without delay in the said year

The 2017 Volkswagen Polo will be the sixth generation of the flagship. The sales of the Polo has been low in the Indian market, and also in other markets globally. However, the new generation of the car is being claimed to be the game-changer material, and it better be, because without that, Volkswagen will stand at the lower levels of market share in the segment.

2017 VW Polo rendering closeup

The Polo has been in the market for about 8 years now. With 5 generations of the car already at hand, the sixth generation can be expected to stay around for about 2 years till the seventh generation is required to come with some upgrades.

Volkswagen has taken the Polo business very seriously this time. The Company probably does not want to have the 2017 Polo end up like the current generation model that is falling behind all the competitors in the segment.

The sales of the current generation Polo have hardly touched the 3,000 mark once in the previous year. The sales have often fallen to low 1,000s. Its rivals are the popular and successful Maruti Suzuki Swift, which is also getting its 10th generation upgrade in 2017, the Hyundai Grand i10, and Hyundai Elite i20. All these cars sell over 10,000 units a month on an average. The only car in the segment that the Polo has consistently outsold is the Ford Figo, but that is because the Figo is hardly selling at all.

Volkswagen has styled the car in the design language of the new Tiguan, which the brand has a lot of faith in. The design language also takes cues from the Passat. The next generation Polo will be a little roomier on the inside. The dimensions are likely to increase in all the aspects, but by how many millimeters, is not yet declared.

The 2017 Polo will obviously follow Volkswagen’s new MQB platform. The PQ25 platform seemed to do nothing for the Polo, while the MQB platform is standard now among all the newest models of the brand. To be more specific, the next generation Polo will be based on the MQB A0 platform, which is the smallest of the MQB platform renderings. With this new MQB platform, the car will be lighter, but more crash resistant, thanks to the new design language of the chassis.

The car will have more safety features than ever. The engine lineup will include both, petrol and diesel variants. The TSI and TDI technologies will be incorporated into 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder setups. The top trim variants will get the option of a DSG automatic transmission system. The standard transmission system across all variants will be MT.

There’s a possibility of the Electric Vehicle and a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle version to be introduced next year along with the new generation lineup. However, these options have not been confirmed for the lineup and the commercials and teasers are not mentioning much of these yet. The new Polo hatchback will battle its old enemies, the Swift, i10, and i20, while the EV versions will increase the exposure to other EV rivals.

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