2015 Navara NP300 from Nissan boosted by multilink suspension and advanced 2.3-litre YS23 diesel engine

It was in the month of June in 2014, when Nissan launched the NP300 Navara in Thailand and also disclosed a fair volume of information regarding the mechanical specifications of the same. And some more details related to the technical configuration are already out of the bag which gives an idea regarding what is on offer.

When the car was unveiled in Thailand, it was equipped with a YD25 turbocharged engine running on diesel and displacing 2.5 litres. It will be replacing the existing engine in the Navara and have increased cylinder head which contributes to the improvement in the fuel economy by around 11 percent if claims from Nissan are to be believed. The engine will be coming with two different power ratings. While the lower variant will produce 160 hp and 403 Nm, the top model will be delivering up to 188 hp of power and 450 Nm of torque. It will be functioning in markets which use sub Euro 4 grades of fuel. The upcoming YS23 engine displacing 2.3 litres will not be launched in Malaysia. Instead it is kept for markets having Euro 5 fuel grades and has been created from the 2.3 dCi mill spotted in Renault’s Master Van.

The latest YS23 motor will be inaugurated with two different power ratings. While the lower variant will be paired with one turbocharger and produces 158 hp and 403 Nm, the higher version will feature dual turbochargers and capable of producing 188 hp and 450 Nm. Despite having lesser volumetric capacity than the YD25, the YS23 gives better torque readings at lower speeds.

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