Upcoming 2014 Swift models to get 1.2L Dual-jet mill running on petrol and producing 26.4 kmpl

Upcoming 2014 Swift models to get 1.2L Dual-jet mill running on petrol and producing 26.4 kmpl

The latest models of the 2014 Swift series hitting the showrooms in Japan and the UK, is all set to be equipped with a completely different Dualjet petrol mill displacing 1.2L. And Indians can also expect this engine to perform under the hood of the refurbished Swift models to be launched in the latter part of 2014. The existing range of Swift cars in India is laden with a K12 petrol engine which has a volumetric capacity of 1.2L.

This upcoming 1.2L Dualjet mill is capable of producing a maximum torque of 120 Nm and a peak power of 88.8 bhp or 90PS while operating at 4400 rpm. According to Suzuki, the upcoming Dualjet technology utilizes two injectors for each cylinder in comparison to one injector for each cylinder present in a large number of fuel injected vehicles. Thanks to this new technology that the compression ratio will get a boost to 12.0:1 in comparison to the 11.0:1 developed by the existing engines. This in turn results in an increase in the amount of power generated and even enhanced fuel efficiency.

The new engine will also depend on Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) which means that some amount of the exhaust gas will be extracted and cooled under the water so that it is ready to be utilized again in the combustion chamber thereby lowering the temperature of combustion and lowering the chances of knocking or abnormal combustion.

The regeneration of brake energy and the start-stop functions have also received some changes in terms of technology. The combination of all these new and innovative technical changes has resulted in an impressive mileage figure of 26.4 km/l which is around 8 km/l more in comparison to the existing Swift’s fuel efficiency as certified by ARAI. You can expect the launch of the latest Swift cars in November.

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